North Sumatra PWRI Chairman Attends Coordination Meeting in Simalungun Regency

Strengthening Ties and Leadership in Indonesian Journalism

On September 20, 2022, the Chairman of the North Sumatra PWRI, accompanied by the Secretary and the Chairman of OKK, attended the PWRI Coordination Meeting in Simalungun Regency.

The meeting was aimed at reinforcing the organizational bonds within the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the Association of Journalists of the Republic of Indonesia (PWRI) North Sumatra, which has been officially inaugurated by the Central Leadership Council (DPP) for the 2022-2027 term.

Commitment to Professional Journalism

During the coordination meeting, the Simalungun Regency PWRI expressed hopes for continuous guidance and education from the North Sumatra DPD PWRI, particularly in adherence to Law No. 40 of 1999 concerning the Press.

Suriyadi, the Chairman of PWRI Simalungun Regency, emphasized in his speech the importance of PWRI’s presence in the community and government agencies, especially within Simalungun Regency.

Event Details and Attendance

The coordination meeting took place at YPI Dharma Budi Junior High School, located on Jalan Manik Maraja, Manik Maraja Village, Sidamanik District, Simalungun Regency.

Attendees included Dr. Masdar Limbong, M.Pd, Chairman of PWRI North Sumatra; Secretary Joko Imawan, S.Pd.I, MM; Chairman of OKK, S. Marpaung, S.H; Chairman of DPC Simalungun, Suriyadi; Secretary Drs. M. Arifin, M.M; Treasurer Fahrizal, S.E; along with other administrators and members of the DPC in Simalungun district.

Encouraging Professionalism and Unity

Secretary Joko Imawan expressed pride and congratulations to the management of DPC Simalungun Regency. He highlighted the joint efforts in establishing a professional journalistic organization, stating, “We thank all the administrators of DPC PWRI Simalungun for their hard work in forming an organization that we hope will become professional.”

Dr. Masdar Limbong emphasized the importance of PWRI as a platform for all journalists to produce professional work, particularly in North Sumatra. He called for maintaining the organization’s dignity in line with its emblem, symbolizing the spirit of concern.

Appreciation and Future Aspirations

Suriyadi, the organizer of the coordination meeting, expressed gratitude to the North Sumatra PWRI Chairman and his entourage for attending and providing valuable insights. “On behalf of the entire DPC PWRI Simalungun Regency, I thank the PWRI Chairperson and his team. The input from the question and answer session will be invaluable for all members of Simalungun PWRI,” he concluded.

This coordination meeting marks a significant step in fostering stronger ties and advancing the professional standards of journalism within the PWRI organization in North Sumatra and beyond.

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